Carlton Fisk - A Game of Inches

A Game Of Inches Within A Life Of Decades

By S8Webmaster | May 3, 2020

Life is a game of inches. I heard some version of this a lot as a kid watching Cincinnati Reds baseball with my dad.  Nevermind the fact that watching Reds baseball during that era was (and still is) more a test of loyalty and an exhibition of masochism. Frequently, my dad would say: “It’s a game of inches”, referencing a ball declared “foul!” that otherwise might have tripped a left fielder up in the corner of the field – making him look more like a clumsy fawn than a professional athlete.  Or, who can forget Carlton Fisk waving for his…

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time to think about your money

Now Is The Time To Think Infinitely About Your Money

By S8Webmaster | April 17, 2020

Simon Sinek, famous author and motivational speaker, has coined the term, ‘The Infinite Game’.  He won the internet lottery a decade ago with this speech that went viral and his fame has only grown.  I highly suggest joining 20+ million others, if you haven’t already, who have watched some version of it on YouTube. While Simon’s work seems to center around leadership – particularly at a company level – the kernels of wisdom he shares can be applied to nearly every aspect of our lives. The ‘Infinite Game’ involves leaving the world better than we found it, leaving companies that we…

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coronavirus take away

My Greatest Coronavirus Takeaway (So Far)

By S8Webmaster | April 3, 2020

None of us are independent. Last November, I wrote the following: “A young person is dependent on the financial resources of parents.  A gainfully employed person is dependent on a company to pay their wage and to maintain their employment.  An entrepreneur is dependent on its customers’ willingness to pay and capability of paying.  A retiree is likely dependent, in some fashion, on Social Security, maybe a pension, maybe market cooperation.  Even the wealthiest person, who may not technically need Social Security or Medicare, is dependent on the rest of society.  After all, what is a dollar bill, besides a worthless piece…

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top 3 questions

The Top 3 Questions I Was Asked This Week And My Answers

By S8Webmaster | March 20, 2020

1.Should we sell now and get back in when the dust settles? This is perfectly understandable.  Until you’re staring down the barrel of your retirement and watching your life’s work dwindle in a matter of days/weeks, I don’t think anyone can quite understand this particular anxiety.  The scenario can make the most rational person, turn irrational.  However, here’s why this inclination doesn’t work. According to Harford Funds research, in the last 20 years, 50% of the S&P 500’s best days came during a bear market (that sentence is probably worth a second read).  Further, another 30% came during the first two months of…

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Stock Market Woes? Let’s Head To The Gym.

By S8Webmaster | March 12, 2020

While on the phone Monday, a concerned client developed his own analogy during the steep market decline. He’s in wealth accumulation and will likely save close to $100,000 this year, so his lens of a market decline is likely different than a retiree in draw down.  I’ll also later address the archetype of a retiree. Nevertheless, I thought it was worth sharing. After we discussed that market volatility is precisely what he and his family should desire for wealth accumulation (see chart below), he compared volatility to working out.  I’m paraphrasing, but “this is like working out.  I’m tearing down…

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Where Do You Boomerang With Your Money?

By S8Webmaster | February 28, 2020

Social psychologists reference the “Boomerang Effect” as a reaction to being persuaded.  When we “boomerang”, we do the opposite of what we are being persuaded to do – this reaction helps us feel like we’re taking back control while being persuaded makes us feel like we’re losing control.  Said differently – people hate being sold, but they love to buy. The Boomerang Effect can be useful.  We can all identify times in our life when a salesperson led with features and benefits without having the slightest idea of our needs.  Being a boomerang might be a useful coping mechanism to…

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new year resolution

How’s Your New Year’s Resolution Going?

By S8Webmaster | February 21, 2020

This is the time of year when the locker rooms at the gym are a little less crowded, the change from wine to nighttime tea switches back to wine, and the morning meal preparation for the day reverts to the sandwich shop. As we near the end of the second month of the year, financial resolutions can also start to take a back seat.  They might be: Save more money Plan better for taxes Be more charitable Make more money Better understand your spending Who knows how far back the angst of making our resolutions sustainable goes – I’m sure…

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How To Plan AND Be In The Moment

By S8Webmaster | February 7, 2020

Sacrificing now for the future is a conundrum of personal finance.  The act of delaying happiness seems antithetical to being in the moment. Saving more money now, should lead to more fun and more financial freedom later.  Opposition to this mindset is that tomorrow (and even the next breath) is never guaranteed.  Why be obsessed with planning for the future? Then, of course, there are a thousand variations in-between.  There’s a spectrum for nearly everything. Our lens of the world greatly impacts where each of us reside on this spectrum.  This lens is affected by our life experiences involving death…

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Sideways8 - Infinite Thinking for Personal Finance

Tranquility Needs Rebranding

By S8Webmaster | January 24, 2020

The title of this post comes from a quote in a recent podcast with Dax Shepard and Sam Harris that I’ll attempt to expand upon for all our financial well-beings.  Sam was referencing that a life mission should be geared more towards tranquility and contentment versus the pursuit of happiness or the avoidance of sadness.  The latter two come from the same place of satisfying our cravings and desires.  Tranquility, on the other hand, watches happiness and sadness come and go without much celebration or melancholy as it recognizes the impermanence of each.  While tranquility doesn’t exactly make for great TV,…

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Sideways8 - Infinite Thinking for Personal Finance

Make More Money By Doing Less

By S8Webmaster | January 15, 2020

Making more money is less about more relationships, more customers, more raises at work, and more on your calendar.  These are short-term solutions, that yes, will infuse your bank account.  However, they fall short of addressing long-term wealth concepts.   Long-term wealth focuses on concepts of quality, efficiency, and self-awareness.  Long-term thinking helps build and sustain wealth.  Frequently, this involves getting out of your own way and “doing less”.   Below are strategies that will help you “do less” and build sustainable wealth. Create and trust systems These are your personal guard rails that protect you from yourself.  Study after study shows a direct…

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